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ITSS Overview

ITSS is an Independent Testing, Inspection and Engineering company established in Somaliland with Main Offices at Berbera Port. Branch offices are found in Nairobi and Mombasa Port in Kenya. ITSS brings together a range of expertise and experience in various fields
ITSS has partnered with other global recognized companies to elevate as a formidable company. This has resulted into immediate availability of experienced manpower able to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We are therefore confident and focused following our policy of inclusivity. In addition ITSS has invested into not only manpower but also modern testing equipment which makes our services more realistic and practical.

ITSS Is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Lab Equipment

Oxidation Stability

For Testing Induction Period and potential stability in gasoline controlled conditions of temperature, pressure & oxygen.

Copper Corrosion Bath

For determining corrosion tendency on copper strips by Gasoline, Jet A 1 & Diesel Fuels

Automatic Distillation Machine- NDI 450

Determines Distillation Properties in Gasolines, Jet A 1 and Diesel.